• Energy Monitoring kWh meters

Energy Monitoring kWh meters

The Socomec range of energy meters offers an extensive selection of meters to suit all energy management applications. The product range offers customers both flexibility and versatility.


The new Socomec Countis E range of kilowatt hour (kWh) meters with integrated RS485 Modbus RTU communications complements the existing Socomec energy metering range.


The new Countis E range includes, single phase 32A and 80A and three phase 63A direct connect meters.  The RS485 Modbus communication ports, allows direct reading of kilowatt hour energy data.

Meters have a digital LCD display, Class 1 accuracy with non-volatile memory.

Installation wiring is simplified by having the RS485 connection on the meter. Installation space is also reduced as devices like pulse collectors are not required.

The Socomec meters can be combined with any energy monitoring network for recording kilowatt hour energy consumption.